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🕑 Feb 20, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. The inverse proposition also appears to be true: A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be made to work.

-- John Gall

🕑 Feb 19, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

The first step of any project is to grossly underestimate its complexity and difficulty.

-- Nicoll Hunt

🕑 Feb 18, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

Treat your code like poetry and take it to the edge of the bare minimum.

-- Ilyo

🕑 Feb 17, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

"That hardly ever happens" is another way of saying "it happens".

-- Douglas Crockford

🕑 Feb 16, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

Data dominates. If you've chosen the right data structures and organized things well, the algorithms will almost always be self-evident. Data structures, not algorithms, are central to programming.

-- Rob Pike

🕑 Feb 15, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

There's nothing more permanent than a temporary hack.

-- Kyle Simpson

🕑 Feb 14, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

When in doubt, leave it out.

-- Joshua Bloch

🕑 Feb 13, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

The older I get, the more I believe that the only way to become a better programmer is by not programming.

-- Jeff Atwood

🕑 Feb 12, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

All programming languages are shit. But the good ones fertilize your mind.

-- Reg Braithwaite

🕑 Feb 11, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

The problem with object-oriented languages is they've got all this implicit environment that they carry around with them. You wanted a banana but what you got was a gorilla holding the banana and the entire jungle.

-- Joe Armstrong (creator of Erlang)

🕑 Feb 10, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months.

-- Frederick P. Brooks

🕑 Feb 9, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

Programmers have to fight against the two most destructive forces in the universe: entropy and stupidity.

-- Damian Conway

🕑 Feb 8, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

Simple doesn't mean stupid. Thinking that it does, does.

-- Paul Krugman

🕑 Feb 7, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

The art of programming is the art of organizing complexity, of mastering multitude and avoiding its bastard chaos as effectively as possible.

-- E. W. Dijkstra

🕑 Feb 6, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

In carpentry you measure twice and cut once. In software development you never measure and make cuts until you run out of time.

-- Adam Morse

🕑 Feb 5, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

Hardware eventually fails. Software eventually works.

-- Michael Hartung

🕑 Feb 4, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

Perl - The only language that looks the same before and after RSA encryption.

-- Keith Bostic

🕑 Feb 3, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

The key is to acknowledge from the start that you have no idea how this will grow. When you accept that you don't know everything, you begin to design the system defensively... You should spend most of your time thinking about interfaces rather than implementations.

-- Nicholas Zakas

🕑 Feb 2, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

Well-designed components are easy to replace. Eventually, they will be replaced by ones that are not so easy to replace.

-- Sustrik's Law

🕑 Feb 1, 2024 Mastodon 🔗

Such is modern computing: everything simple is made too complicated because it's easy to fiddle with; everything complicated stays complicated because it's hard to fix.

-- Rob Pike

🕑 Nov 20, 2023 Mastodon 🔗

Development has two outputs... code & bugs

🕑 Nov 19, 2023 Mastodon 🔗

If it doesn't work, it doesn't matter how fast it doesn't work.

-- Ravera's observation on premature optimization

🕑 Nov 18, 2023 Mastodon 🔗

If you want to confuse your enemies, give them the source code. If you want to really confuse them, give them the documentation.

🕑 Nov 17, 2023 Mastodon 🔗

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

-- E. F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful