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Haxe is one of the coolest programming languages most people either never heard of or have a very limited/incorrect idea about it.

The project (spelled haXe at that point) was started in late 2005 by French developer Nicolas Cannasse, as a successor to ActionScript 2 compiler MTASC.

Haxe 1.0 was released in May of 2006 and already had support for JavaScript code generation and features like type inference and structural sub-typing.

Over the time, more features and targets were added. Some of the targets which Haxe can compile to today include:

There is also support for many cool features like zero-cost compile-time abstract types and powerful metaprogramming with type-safe macros.

This will be an Index page for the Haxe guide and other Haxe-related topics.


  1. Haxe: First Steps

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