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A quick and clean online tool to generate a MD5 hash from a string.

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MD5 message-digest algorithm (producing 128-bit hash values) was initially designed to be used as a cryptographic hash function, but due to serious vulnerabilities (mostly collision vulnerabilities, but theoretical preimage vulnerability was also reported), it's not used for that purpose anymore.

It is still widely used for non-cryptographic purposes - for example, as a checksum to verify data integrity. It may be preferred over more recent SHA algorithms in such scenarios due to its lower computation overhead.

Examples of use in popular programming languages/environments:


md5sum (part of the coreutils package) and openssl are two commonly used tools for this purpose:

echo -n "Hello" | md5sum

echo -n "Hello" | openssl md5

(echo -n omits the new line, otherwise the new line character will be included as an input to the hashing function)


There's no native support for md5 hashing in JavaScript, but there are many 3rd-party libs, for example, Crypto.js:



Python has an md5 function in hashlib library:

import hashlib



PHP has a built-in function named md5:

echo md5('Hello');